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The pressure on today’s container terminals is continuing to grow excessively. To increase terminal profits under these circumstances you have to increase productivity. Two important factors are the equipment and driver performance.

Kalmar is known for leading the race in ergonomics and Kalmar's masted container handlers are no exception. Equipped with our proven Spirit delta cabin, our masted container handlers are well known for their high comfort and excellent visibility.

Kalmar’s masted equipment for handling loaded and empty container handlers is available in a wide range of capacities and wheelbases to suit your needs here at DGP.

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Reach new heights of productivity!

Kalmar reachstackers are designed to help your operations – and your entire business – reach new heights of productivity. Combining DGP’s long experience in material and container handling with our innovative cargo handling technology, they offer high performance throughout the entire operating cycle, user-friendly operation, low running costs and excellent environmental performance.

We offer the industry’s widest equipment portfolio, with models for every application.

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